IAEA godkender JAAS

Det nedenstående er konklusionen på en undersøgelse af sikkerheds- og driftsmæssige forhold på Det Midtjyske Atomkraftkompleks foretaget af Det Internationale Atomenergiagentur:


Citeret fra referatet fra IAEAs generalforsamling d. 10/2-2003:


Speaker: Mohamed ElBaradei - Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency

Topic: Regarding inspections of the Mid-Jutlandic Nuclear Complex [Det Midtjyske Atomkraftkompleks]


"It is with pleasure that I can report to the Council, that each and every issue regarding the Mid-Jutlandic Nuclear Complex has been has been accounted for to my complete satisfaction.


Indeed, the cooperation efforts on behalf of the Jutlandic Nuclear Power Company [Jydsk Atomkraft A/S] has been truly outstanding.


The Jutlandic Nuclear Power Company remains a shining example of a company that is truly dedicated to safety and environmental issues and displaying a hitherto unseen degree of openness and cooperation with international agencies.


In conclusion, the Jutlandic Nuclear Power company conscientiously adheres to every single regulation concerning nuclear power and it is my hope that more companies would conduct their business with the same degree of professionalism as JAAS.


Thank you."