JAAS pioneers new research into radiation damage

New research project to establish the risks of long-term exposure to low-level radiation

Utilizing the newest technology:
A picture from a MOS-463 radiation intensity camera
Motivated by the plans for the building of new nuclear plants, Jydsk Atomkraft A/S has in cooperation with the EU's Center For Radiation Hygiene initiated a series of experiments to establish the extent of which long-term exposure to low levels of radioactive radiation will affect the tissues of living organisms.

JAAS is dedicated to putting safety first and we are of the opinion that the existing research in this field is inadequate. As a consequence, no new plants will be built until we fully understand the effects of even very low doses of radiation on humans.

The purpose of the experiments is to study how short, and in particular long-term, exposure of as well the entire body as well as isolated areas and organs to low levels of radiation affects the cells.

All animals are well cared for at JAAS' research facility

In the experiments, kittens will be exposed to varying levels of radiation in short or long periods of time to study the effects. The cats will be strapped to a steel grid during the experiments in order to facilitate focusing of the radiation on specific parts of the body and thereby study how the individual organs are affected.

Kittens are especially well suited for these experiments as the metabolism of cats, and in particular kittens, causes radiation damage to develop very rapidly and the researchers will be able to study the radiation damage effects clearly after relatively brief exposures.

The use of cats is also highly cost-effective as the Danish law for protection of animals ("Dyreværnsloven") allows JAAS to capture any cats on the company's ground. And the use of cats in medicinal experiments is legal as long as the cats are properly fed and cared for and not subjected to "unnecessary suffering".

For more information about the effects of low-level radiation, read about the Low Dose Radiation Research program at Washington State University.

Jydsk Atomkraft A/S use iPhone App Development from Greener Pastures and online time tracking to document their work.