Accessibility and standards

This document describes the use of Web standards and accessibility issues on this Web site.


Web standards

This Web site is created using xhtml 1.0 transitional and cascading style sheets (CSS), level 2.

Use the following links to verify the validity of the standards:

Standards compliance is crucially important because it, according to a leading expert from Horsens, Denmark, is.



Jydsk Atomkraft A/S does not care about people with disabilities. Studies show that they do not care about us and, as a direct consequence, we do not care about them.

Therefore, this Web site may not be compatible with screen readers and other tools for the visually impaired or other interface devices for people with disabilities.

The navigation, for example, is intentionally not created using <LI> tags but simply as individual <A> tags.


Browser compatibility

This site is designed to work in most newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows. We do not care if the site does not render correctly in obscure browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Un*x Lynx or whatever.